Fenn's Tree Care undertakes work from residential gardens, private estates, schools, commercial premises, golf courses and housing associations.

We also provide complete tree care from regular maintenance to specialist tree felling; our services include but are not limited to:



Pruning is an important part of tree maintenance as it includes a range of pruning types:



To reduce the overall size of the tree for various reasons those include, encouraging growth, and healthy maintenance.

To balance the canopy but keep the tree in its natural shape.

To direct growth away from a building, open up a view.

To remove dead wood or branches that is at risk or repairs a torn limb.


Thinning reduces the density of the trees crown without changing the shape of the tree; this will allow more light through the crown/canopy.



1.  Reduce the risk of storm damage

2.  Improve growth of turf or other plants that would otherwise be shaded by the canopy

3.  Open up a view

4.  Improve the appearance of the trees trunk and structure

5.  Improving air flow through the canopy



Cleaning the canopy removes any dead, diseased, rubbing and broken branches along with any suckers / new shoots.



This removes the lower branches back to the trunk to allow more light into the area and to prevent branches obstructing paths, drives, roads etc.



Pollarding can be used to maintain a tree to a specific height or keep control of a tree that has been improperly located in a restricted soil space.



The removal of any dead or dying trees that have been identified as being at high risk or those trees that have become potential hazards.


Specific cuts can be used to direct branches or sections of timber to ensure the surrounding area is not damaged.



Stump removal and grinding.



To reduce the overall shape or volume of an established hedge.



We supply a range of trees and plants, please send me your request via email.



Diagnose tree disorders and help to improve the tree health with a course of nutrition and fertilisation whilst carrying out regular maintenance and inspection.

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Reasons for thinning a tree include:


Crown Lift


Tree Removal/Felling

Stump Removal

Hedge Trimming


Tree Health Care