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Fenn's Tree Care is an environmentally aware company passionate about our profession and conservation trying

to make a difference. As always, care is taken to ensure that trees are pruned at the correct time that will not be detrimental to the tree, hedge or any wildlife.



Any suitable wood is used by traditional craftsmen to turn your waste wood

into useful items from chairs and tables to spoons. Traditional craftsmen like

pole lathe turners use a completely green method for turning wood which uses

no electricity. Other pieces are used for chainsaw sculptures.


Chippings are used in a variety of ways:

• To form pathways

• Turned into compost for use in the garden

• Used as mulch around the base of trees and shrubs etc.

• Provide a biomass from a sustainable source fuelling power stations, which is carbon neutral.



Using seasoned firewood from a sustainable source as a substitute for fossil fuels

to heat homes.

Fenn's Tree Care in the environment



Wood Chip


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Fenn's Tree Care Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales. Company number 10852888 at Trinity House, 3 Bullace Lane, Dartford, Kent DA1 1BB


07738 938 122

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